Monday, December 3, 2012


Visiting Braslight's Fidalga "Piano". We had the pups father with us, who met his offspring for the first time. He behaved like a real gentleman. At Tatu's & Jonni's home is also living 2 older female TB's: Braslight's Chispa "Viola" (8 years) and Braslight's Lira "Lyyra" (7 years). Braslight's Felizardo "Bernie", who lives nearby, came also to meet his dad =D.

Viola & Chispa greeting Fogo

Fogo meeting Piano

Fogo running around...
Favorite place: the bed =D

Fidalga "Piano"

Fidalga "Piano"

Felizardo "Bernie"

Outside with dad

Inside with dad

Felizardo "Bernie" posing

Lyyra, 7 years old, already quite greyish

Brother & sister

Dad, Feijao do Tropical Beauty "Fogo" alias Zorro =D


22-26.11.2012 Trip to Norway & Sweden

Long weekend holiday to Norway & Sweden with puppy delivery, Oslo Dog Show and bringing 1 TB-pup from Stockholm to Finland.

Felizia & Flanela with their new owners =D Thank You Tone, Siv & Knut.

Masa & Aino enjoying the fluffy & soft pillows and beds at Radisson hotel, Oslo.

Braslight's Vislumbrante "Masa" on my pillow...
TB:s at the Norwegian Winner 2012 (Picture: Siv Borgsås). Aino in the middle row, left side. Masa in the top row, right.
Results foe our dogs: Aino, EXC, CQ, BEST FEMALE 4. Masa: VERY GOOD

Briljant "Tessa" 10 weeks old, daughter of Braslight's Esmeralda & Pluto of Temptetation Brig Ven. She came with us to Finland and she will be living near to us with our friends. Thank You Christina for this "jewel".

Thursday, November 15, 2012

14.11.2012 Pups 9 weeks old,

today Fineza "Ada" moving to her new family.

Ada (left) just before leaving. 

Ada (left) just before leaving. 

Where is Ada?

Who cares??? Let's target Aino...

Zia testing the crate, in which she & her sister,
 will travel to Norway in 1 week.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pups 7 weeks, 30 oct 2012 Video:

Little Zia, Big Bernie & dark Ada. Bernie going to his new family 7.11.

Piu going to her new family 7.11. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

28 oct 2012 Pups outdoor...

Temperature -2 degrees... Luckily sunshine and no wind blowing.
 Horrored first, but then they enjoyed the new environment =D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Posing pictures 6½ weeks old:

Fem 1, Fineza

Fem2, Felizia

Fem3, Fidalga

Fem4, Flanela

Male, Felizardo