Monday, December 3, 2012


Visiting Braslight's Fidalga "Piano". We had the pups father with us, who met his offspring for the first time. He behaved like a real gentleman. At Tatu's & Jonni's home is also living 2 older female TB's: Braslight's Chispa "Viola" (8 years) and Braslight's Lira "Lyyra" (7 years). Braslight's Felizardo "Bernie", who lives nearby, came also to meet his dad =D.

Viola & Chispa greeting Fogo

Fogo meeting Piano

Fogo running around...
Favorite place: the bed =D

Fidalga "Piano"

Fidalga "Piano"

Felizardo "Bernie"

Outside with dad

Inside with dad

Felizardo "Bernie" posing

Lyyra, 7 years old, already quite greyish

Brother & sister

Dad, Feijao do Tropical Beauty "Fogo" alias Zorro =D


22-26.11.2012 Trip to Norway & Sweden

Long weekend holiday to Norway & Sweden with puppy delivery, Oslo Dog Show and bringing 1 TB-pup from Stockholm to Finland.

Felizia & Flanela with their new owners =D Thank You Tone, Siv & Knut.

Masa & Aino enjoying the fluffy & soft pillows and beds at Radisson hotel, Oslo.

Braslight's Vislumbrante "Masa" on my pillow...
TB:s at the Norwegian Winner 2012 (Picture: Siv Borgsås). Aino in the middle row, left side. Masa in the top row, right.
Results foe our dogs: Aino, EXC, CQ, BEST FEMALE 4. Masa: VERY GOOD

Briljant "Tessa" 10 weeks old, daughter of Braslight's Esmeralda & Pluto of Temptetation Brig Ven. She came with us to Finland and she will be living near to us with our friends. Thank You Christina for this "jewel".